I have spent many days in the hot Oklahoma sun throwing marks and training retrievers by myself or with expensive hired help. I knew there was a need for a reliable and economical way to train retrievers. It was through this need, that the inspiration and passion for Gunners Up was born. We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have been active in the retriever sports (Hunt Test & Field Trials) for over 15 years.

I support my retriever training addiction with my real job which is in the fitness industry (GoFit.net); we manufacture home gyms, stationary bikes, and fitness accessories. At GoFit, we work with steel, aluminum, surgical tubing and electronics everyday. I knew, if we used the skills we have honed in the fitness industry, that we could make a superior remote launcher for a fraction of the cost, and we did! Now with the Gunners Up Remote Bird Launcher, it is easier and more affordable to do multiple mark set ups anywhere and at anytime.

What really excites me about Gunners Up, is it makes retriever training accessible to more people everywhere. The more people we can introduce and keep active in the sport the better off the retrieving breeds and the retrieving sports will be.

I am confident that our remote launcher will become an integral tool in your retriever training program and it will help you and your retriever achieve all your competitive goals without breaking the bank along the way.

Best of luck and good training.

Richard Davis

Gunners Up
12929 E. Apache St.
Tulsa, OK 74116